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Продукция / Декоративное стекло

Decorating glass-Fusing, Bewley , Photo printing

Capabilities of Spark-Décor  allows  to apply unique design solutions, as well as experimenting with glass decoration and manufacture glass taking into account   style and color scale of the interior of customer. Decorative glass processing implies a use of modern techniques of transmission pattern, volume, color and other visual effects. These techniques are:

  • glass sandblasting

Glass sandblasting is mechanical processing surface of glass, that gives affect of frosted glass. Sandblast drawings on glass surfaces and mirrors are highly resistant to external impact. Sandblasting may be accomplished both a plane and a bent glass. This is the most common method of decorating of the glass as sandblast designs can be decorated glass partitions, mirrors for wardrobes, furniture facades, and interior doors.

  • chemical etching of glass

Chemical etching (scratch brush finish/satin) - a technology  of glass processing, based on the effects of chemicals that have acidic properties to the glass surface, giving possibility to have frosted, transparent or depth – frosted surface effect.
  • pattering design  with paintings on lacobel; drawings on the mirrors

Spark’s capability allows to manufacture decorated colored glass using technique painting. This technique can be performed on the mirror, colored glass (lacobel). You can order individual drawing and design on the mirrors, or choose ready ones from a catalog. Also, you can order glass  for furniture. Such technique can help you to decorate interior with glass partitions, glass backsplash, sliding systems door wardrobe.
  • gluing fusing elements and Bewley

Original addition to any design, stained glass items can be Bewley and fusing (different kinds of butterflies, leaves, geometric shapes, etc.)
Bewley is a faceted glass fragments. They are made of sheet glass with the faceted edge.

  • fusing (sintering)

When melting fragments of colored glass in a special oven at temperature of 850 ° C   an amazing decorative elements as flowers, geometric shapes, and so forth are obtained.

  • photo printing on glass, decorative laminated glass

If you would like to decorate your interior with  functional, but at the same time the original decorative designs , such as interior walls, stair railings, podium, Spark-Décor  offers the perfect solution to this problem it is triplex with decorative materials, photo printing on glass.

Decorative glass processing and applicable areas

  • Glass partitions are used to separate space in the house, in office buildings, shopping centers. Glass partitions are decorated with sandblasting technique or chemical etching whether it is the transfer of the pattern of wallpaper on the glass or the company logo. Also glass partitions can be decorated in a color scheme such as an art photo printing. Image and design is selected individually, there is a huge image bank of different pictures and images for glass partitions.
  • Glass backsplash in the kitchen can be made in the glass printing technique or colored glass by applying sandblast pattern and design.
  • Paintings on the sliding door wardrobe are decorated with sandblast and Bewley and fusing elements, photo printing. Our designers can offer you both a catalogue with ready made images and pictures and develop original draft according to your interior style.
  • Interior door. We have a wide selection of ready-made of pictures and images that can be made with sandblast technique or chemical etching; also it can be decorated with Bewley and fusing elements. These elements show on frosted glass very glamorously, that is often used for manufacturing interior doors.
  • Furniture fronts is for the kitchen, living room, hall. In this case the mirror for sliding wardrobe door  will look glamorously if it is performed in different decoration techniques: sandblasting, painting, application of the picture  with chemical etching.
  • Glass ceiling lamps. It is a new and interesting solution of lighting items; frosted glass is used more often due to capability to dissipate light softly. In this case decoration with Bewley  and fusing elements, sandblast design look glamorously and effectively.
  • Wall panels with photo printing is actual attribute and stylish decoration of any interior;

Glass decoration is a unique opportunity to make any interior original, stylish, trendy.

There are some ideas what are of high priority as for glass  decoration items among our clients and orders:

  • Wallpaper and tiles image transfer on glass. This technique is made with sandblast or chemical etching, coloring.
  • Selection of full-color images for application of photo printing on the glass. The image is selected according to the customer’s preferences, the design fits into the required size.
  • Transfer of the companys logo on the glass mirror.

Addressing to Spar-Décor specialists you will get qualified consultation concerning all glass decoration issues; also you will get individual attention to making of your order.
                                                                  Author: AA KHakhalkina © 2014 . Upon copying of the material the website link www.spark-decor.com.ua is necessary.

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