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Продукция / Гнутое стекло

Shaped glass for furniture and cabinets


Manufacturing shaped glass is one of the main activities of the Spark-Décor  company since its foundation.

Constantly improving the technology of bending glass and experimenting with new ideas of manufacturing of various modifications of shaped glass; nowadays we can offer to our customers shaped glass for furniture, glass for the manufacture of refrigerator case, window-shops of counters of the shops, aquariums, stair railings.

Also we are glad  to offer a series of original curved shelves, different configurations, colors and sizes. Products are always in  necessary amount of stock.

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One of the unique capability of Spark-Décor is  producing shaped glass. Sagging is a process of formation of glass from heated up sheet of glass. Shaped glass is produced by slowly heating up to a temperature of 600 ° C and placed on a special metallic snap in horizontal furnaces. Gradually, glass has it is target shape.  Then the glass is cooled slowly to indoor temperature. As we can see, shaping is a complex process.

Such kind of glass is not tempered that is why it is possible further processing such as drilling, processing, cutting.
Shape plays main role in sagging as it defines quality and characteristics of obtained glass.

Company’s equipment capacity allows using maximum size of workpiece of 2500h1500.

To produce shaped colorless, frosted, tinted glass from 3 to 19 mm. In addition, we can provide a wide range of types of bending. The minimum radius is  10 mm. The maximum radius is not limited.