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Glass products from the company “Spark-Décor” – Kharkov change

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“Spark-Décor” this is architectural glass, glass and mirror on a by-order basis, ready-made glass products for implementation of a wide variety of design solutions. “Spark-Decor” - Kharkov has services for the glass  and mirrors processing:

Glass and mirror on a by-order basis
Do you need to buy glass or mirror? Would you like to do individual order?  “Spark-Décor” offers a wide range of glass and mirrors from European manufacturers directly from the warehouse, and makes a variety of  processing techniques and decoration of glass products according to individual customer's sizes.

 Architectural Glass
Architectural Glass made by the company “Spark-Décor” adorns the interiors of houses, hotels, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants of our city.
Making orders in our company, you get necessary estimate of the order at the optimum time and the quickest possible execution of orders. We also provide glass interior design. We offer you to use our designer. This includes on-site visit to the object, the order of the development of the draft according to the   customer’s preferences and wishes, the selection and approval of the necessary colors, coordination of architectural solutions and a professional designer’s advice to design the style, decoration of the interior with glassware of the company “Spark-Décor”. You can order the delivery of glass products.
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