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Продукция / Мебель из стекла


Nowadays the furniture is not only article of daily use; it is turning into in the interior element that shows its individuality and originality. In this aspect implementation of glass for producing some furniture elements has become very popular solutions, and glass lightness and transparency have kicked it to the first position among other traditional groups of materials.

Usage glass in the interior is one of the methods that allow announcing about its modernity and originality.  Blend into any interior the glass does  not  affect admission of light indoors, thanks to which  the illusion of transparency and lightness is gained.

A variety of processing technologies and achieved transparency and the play of light, allows to get  a variety of glass for furniture. Such furniture looks elegant and stylish, it is a practical and modern furniture.

At first glance, glass furniture may seem fragile, but this impression is deceptive. In fact, it is durable and safe to operate as when manufacturing of glass furniture are used such materials as tempered glass и laminated glass.

One of the most fashionable and exclusive trends in interior design is the extensive use of glass furniture. Production of glass furniture makes it elegant and original and variety of models of such furniture will allow your interior to become unique and inimitable.

Mirror ceilings and walls, glass coffee tables, bar counters and kitchen work-tops, interior doors and interior partitions, sliding door wardrobe, transparent glass shelves, racks, shelving unit, cabinets and all these have become an integral part of modern interiors.

Glass shelves are very popular. They are not only convenient, comfortable piece of furniture, but also noble isolated and give individuality to the interior. Glass shelves in a modern interior can carry not only the usual function, but also be a continuation of interior lines, giving complete decorative compositions in your home.

 Shaped glass shelves help to emphasize special uniqueness of the interior. Their usage gives dynamics to the interior, which is very important for the interior in the style of minimalism.  Shaped glass shelves make empty plane of walls with their unusual form, changing the space completely.

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