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About us


The company was founded in 1996, "Spark" (Kharkov) has acknowledge  itself as a modern, dynamic company with a wide range of services for processing and decoration of glass and mirrors, which is constantly expanding its range of products, introducing new services, thus attracting more and more customers .

The main specialization of the company "Spark-Décor" is the processing and production of glass products. "Spark" is one of the leading company in Kharkov, you can always buy glass of the world famous manufacturers such as "AGC" (Glaverbel), "Pilkington", "Saint Gobain", "Guardian", "PPG".

Due  to the high professionalism and significant experience of our employees that has been acquired for 15 years  in "Spar-Décor", and also  usage of high quality raw materials of the world glass manufacturers, our company has won the trust of its customers.

Our partnerships are time-proved.  Many architectural and design, construction companies,  furniture manufactures (we produce glass furniture), aquariums, commercial equipment have become our customers over the years of working of our company.

Many clients, developing individual interiors, have realized their original decisions with the help of our company. Designers and architects implement their wildest ideas using architectural glass, glass doors, and a variety of other glass products made by Spark-Décor Kharkov (fireplace glass).

Yearly, the company becomes a participant of the specialized exhibitions, offering to the visitors and potential partners the variety of kinds of architectural glass and glass products of high quality. And almost every time the company's products are marked with diplomas.

We make all necessary operations on glass processing and mirrors, and also produce various kinds of architectural glass for their further use in furniture manufacturing and realization of a very different  projects. Using glass in the interior of your house or office, that are  the designed and developed by Spark-Décor Kharkov, you can  make the interior more attractive and modern. Also,  Spark-Décor  Kharkov produces fireplace glass, glass for window-shops.  It looks very nice glass doors, which are also manufactured by Spark-Décor.

Main dimensions of activity of the company

For the implementation of its activities  company Spar-Décor  Kharkov uses modern equipment, supports the necessary range of glass at the stock, provides services for the delivery of finished glass products, which provides quality timely execution of orders. Due to this the company Spark-Décor  Kharkov offers glass of only the highest quality. Our window-shop glass are the strongest and, at the same time is endowed with artistic taste.

Some rare types of glass  (aged mirrors Arcobaleno, fire resistant glass Robax) can be only purchased from our warehouse in Kharkov.

Company "Spark-Decor" (Kharkov) represented by skilled professionals, managers and designers are always glad to help you to realize the most daring ideas and projects that using glass in the interior; also you can ordered glass furniture. To get acquainted with our products in details, you will realize that our glass design is unique and inimitable.