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Spark-Décor  offers a wide range of European glass manufacturers. From a warehouse in Kharkov, you can buy: transparent, super transparent, body-tinted glass, satin glass, colored and fireproof glass. The company sells various types of glass in sheets and chopped form, according to the size of the customer.

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Mirror is not only an element of any interior .The mirror is a care of yourself, your image and success.  Spark-Décor  offers quality mirror (European manufacturers) to solve this matter, which we manufacture customized for your size.

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Shaped glass

One of the unique features of "Spark-Décor" is the production of shaped glass. Applicable scope: bent facades for furniture, window-glass for fridges, glass aquariums, stair railings, bent glass shelves.

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Decorative glass

Would  you like to add to unique features and elements to your interior? The company's designers are ready to offer and develop models for you glass products in accordance to your wishes and taking into account the features of your interior. Facet, sandblasting, fusing and Bewley elements, photo printing on glass and so on.

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Tempered glass

We also manufacture and safety glass for your interior. Nowadays tempered glass has a wide range of applications: in the manufacturing of glass floors and shedding, balconies fences and stairs elements; in the manufacturing of shower rooms and cabins; in the manufacturing of doors and room partition.

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Stained glass

vitraji.jpg   Stained glass helps to make your interior refined, filled with the play of light: classic stained glass, Tiffany technique, mixed technique, with elements of decorative mirrors. We can make stained glass at you individual orders or offer you a wide range of standard designs of stained glass for  and various interior elements.

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Triplex has been found in  its application in the interior as a glass floor, stairs, stair railings, interior partitions. Safety and durability is its basic qualities. The usage of decorative fabrics in the manufacturing of laminated glass  it is also an opportunity to make your interior unique.

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Glass furniture

Manufacturing of the bent shelves has become a unique development of Spark-Décor. Exquisite design and loyal pricing policy allow these products to decorate any interior - house, office, and showroom and so on. Also we are ready to offer production from  plate glass coffee tables.

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Exclusive collection of glass souvenirs developed by “Spark-Décor” allows you to surprise and to be stuck in the memory. In addition to the development of individual cups and awards we can offer you the following products :glass balls with the company logo, the name of your favorite football team, the name, the calendar for 2014( and any year you need) as a small glass ball.

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