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Glass processing – cutting, gluing, beveling

The company “Spark-Décor” provides following services:  

Glass and Mirror cutting:

Glass cutting is made to target size, customer’s patterns and drawings;

it is also possible cutting of flat and shaped glass with thickness from 4 to 12 mm


Glass edging:

Types of glass processing:
 - Polishing (Euro-edge, Venice, Pencil). Such glass processing is carried out for achieving a visually clear, smooth butt. These kinds of polishing, as the "Venice" and the "Pencil" are essential in  manufacturing of countertops, souvenirs, as such figured glass processing looks originally and expensive due to the beautiful light refraction.
 - Grinding is coarser type of glass edging it has frosted glass end visually. It is used for further work with glass in most cases.


Mirror and glass bevel:

      Bevel is a kind of decorative glass processing at the outer edge by cutting at an angle between 0 and 45 degrees.
       Technological capabilities of company allow to make bevel width from 10 mm to 30 mm; it can be both  straight and curved configurations. Mirror bevel is essential in manufacturing of mirror tiles, if you would like to decorate a unit it a baguette frame.
  In addition to the machining shop, our factory is supplemented with the following process:

Drilling holes in the glass:

      Diameter of 5 to 120 mm, countersink


Glass gluing with UV glue:

UV glass gluing is used by our company. No additional connecting elements for gluing are used, and a special UV glue is used which has the same refractive index as the glass, which makes it almost invisible. UV glass gluing is notable for amazing durability and aesthetics. Glue hardens under the influence of UV radiation; it is interconnected by various parts of the product quickly and firmly. That is why UV glass gluing is reliable and durable.

Glass sandblasting (frosting):

Sandblasting (matting) is carried out with the use of specially selected grinding agent (usually sand). Processing is handled on special equipment that enables to get smooth frosted surface of a pattern.
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