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Продукция / Стекло

"Spark-Décor" offers customers  float glass of the following types:
  • flat colorless glass thickness from 4 mm to 22 mm;
  • super transparent glass (Planibel Clearvision);
  • body-tinted glass;
  • colored glass lacobel and lacomat (stained glass);
  • frosted glass (matte);
  • mirror (colorless, toned, satin, black) of a leading  of global glass industry (AGC, Glaverbel, Pilkington, Saint-Gobain, Guardian, PPG);
  • ovenproof glass for fireplace, saunas  glass doors;
Warehouse program allows our company to maintain the necessary range of flat glass for the timely execution of orders.
Virtually all glass products are manufactured from float glass that can be transparent, tinted or colored are turned out in the form of sheets that are intended for further processing.

We can also offer you an ovenproof glass by "Robax" company(Germany). Ovenproof glass is used for the manufacturing of fireplaces, ovens, frying stoves, saunas. It is capable to withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C, and also thermal discontinuity without destroying it. Ovenproof glass for the fireplace allows to have special viewing window to  the furnace that simplifies the operation of the fireplace greatly.



When creating interiors and furniture manufacturing, the most popular colored glass company AGC Glass Europe (Belgium). Tinted glass nicely fits to the modern design solutions. There is  a wide assortment of original glass partitions also.

Colored glass products fit into any interior harmoniously. Two types of colored glass are used in the modern design:

Lacobel is float glass, covered with high-quality eco-friendly paint (has 25 shades) and lacomat is float glass, it is coated matt lacquer on one surface that provides a frosted effect to glass. Colored glass partitions  refresh atmosphere very much and add some futuristic style to the atmosphere.

The possibility of using lakobel glass expands its advantage such as moisture resistance paint significantly. The use of this material for facade furniture, wall panels give your interior an unusual appearance, breathe  brightness and freshness into it. The main advantage of  lacomat glass is its durability and environmental friendliness.

Attention:  Usage and Processing lacobel and glue Guide

In addition "Spark-Décor" provides services for the chemical (acid) etching glass. This process allows you to get frosted glass effect(matt). Such glass has a homogeneous frosted surface on one or both sides of the sheet. Frosted glass can be colorless, tinted or colored. It is used for production of furniture facades, indoor doors, glass partitions, showers cabins, stairs, and modern furniture. Glass partitions add the modern design perfectly and give it futuristic elements.

The company sells various kinds of glass (ovenproof glass, decorative stained glass, lacobel) both and in sheets and cut form, according to the size of the customer.
More information about the range of flat glass you can see our price lists.

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