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Продукция / Сувениры



Spark-Décor TM implement it is creative potential actively by making and creating souvenir and gift manufactures. The main goal of the souvenir is to remind you about special event or place, for example, visiting interesting places by tourists or museums. And if you buy glass souvenirs of special forms and designs, so they can not only remind about something important and special but play main role in your interior. The souvenirs also bear a certain tempo, and therefore, for example, if you buy a glass souvenir in different places, they will bring completely different emotions. Of course, if you buy glass souvenirs wholesale, the price can be much lower than if you buy a glass souvenir at retail. In recent years there is a very popular tendency like corporate gifts or another name is gift products; it is much easier to buy glass souvenirs wholesale because when directors of the company do such gifts it can be done in the original style of the company very easily.

Upmarket souvenirs

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Company has possibility to make souvenirs, upmarket gifts and glass interior elements on by-order basis according to your sketches. embodying the most daring ideas.

suveniry-8.jpg   You can order original manufactures at Spark-Décor:
  • glass advertising novelty with a company logo;
  • upmarket glass gifts and awards;
  • exclusive wall clock made by individual design.
You can buy glass souvenirs both  as at retail and wholesale. Many glass souvenirs have became  "brand-name pattern" of Spark. For example, chess and  glass table for chess, glass Cinderella shoe and the arrow of Cupid...
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Creative ideas are born due to the active collaboration of the company with Kharkov Academy Arts and Design that gives possibility to fulfill author’s ideas with material successfully. The most original ideas are always presented at the annual trade fairs and exhibitions.



Quest for excellence and originality, love and passion to our work leads us to the idea of creation of something unusual, unparalleled. We combined the elegance of form and beauty of the material in what is now the original signature of the company - glass violin.

Glass violin is the quintessence of skill and experience of our masters. There are all methods of glass processing in this work: some details were sagged to the necessary curve, polished and fitted for the perfect dock for further gluing. Due to this method there is an impression that violin is made of unitary piece of glass.  About a year the masters collaborated closely with the famous violin maker Andrei Grebnev in order to create this unique musical instrument.

There are only three similar works in the world. There are two others in China and Japan. For the first time ever the wonder has been showed at the exhibition  in Kiev where conservatory student played it. The violin has been showed also in Germany where it has captivated visitors with its beauty.

Our violin is not just a beautiful thing or an expensive souvenir. This is not only a work of art, and also fully functional musical instrument that is set up and plays properly.

Glass Violin is the epitome of professionalism of our masters. Today it is a "zest" of our expositions.