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Glass can be considered as a unique building material, it is compressive strength in several times higher than steel, and the glass is waterproof, it has high chemical stability and the ability to work a long time without deterioration and loss of properties. But the most valuable quality of glass is transparency. But there are some highly limiting qualities of the use of the glass; it is its fragility and the formation of  a sharp and large fragments at failure.

The requirements of modern construction and design in the usage of glass as an integral part of any project, and also the tendency to increasing the sizes of glass for glassing facades  of modern buildings, it makes us think about the specific functional properties of the applied glass. Therefore, in most cases where there is a risk of failure, it is recommended the use of safety glass to ensure durability and exceptions of injuring a person at destruction. It is well known that safety triplex glass is produced  in  Kharkov. This is company “Spark-Décor”.

Company "Spark-Décor" offers laminated glass (multilayered and single-layer), which is classified as safety glass.

Multilayered glass (triplex)


Triplex is a laminated product consisting of several sheets of glass, that is firmly connected with transparent (colored) film in between. This combination of brittle glass material with the elastic material of the film provides triplex property of shatterproof, it gives the ability to the product avoids flying off or separated fragments when glass failure from bumps or jolts.

On impact even of considerable force, all the pieces of brittle cracked glass firmly held on the inner elastic triplex film preserved its integrity fully, or received only breaks in some places.

Due to the greater thickness of the triplex, it has a higher thermal resistance and better sound transmission.

One of the newest directions of “Spark-Décor” is producing decorative triplex. A wide range of materials and a variety of images combined with glass glitter creates a unique image of your interior in combination with security of products. Decorative laminated glass will help you to make your dreams true and create unique any place where it is used. Decorative triplex of the company "Spark-Décor" is the best solution for your interior! Due to our company Kharkov and region have the possibility to buy and triplex.

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The equipment that production of company "Spark=Décor" is fitted out allows the following types of laminated glass:


Our company offers you such kind of services as glass lamination using advanced capabilities:

  • production of laminated glass with colored film;
  • lamination with PET film;
  • using  different decors in triplex (customer’s materials);
  • application of photo printing on the glass;
  • decorating triplex product with bewley , fusing elements, sandblasted drawings and chemical etching.

It is possible to manufacture floors, ceiling, interior partitions, sliding door wardrobe, stair enclosure and glass stair using laminated glass. A possibility of laminated shaved glass gives to the architects another tool for creating substandard objects.

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Single-layer laminated glass (duplex)

Unilateral laminating  is an application of a transparent film technology on the  sheet of glass with a thickness of 0.3 mm (usually in combination with decorative material). Products with application of this technology have enhanced security and anti-shock qualities.

Products with  unilateral lamination is used in such interior items as wardrobes, panels, Kitchen backsplashes and facades.

Also the company "Spark-Décor" offers manufacturing of unilateral decorative triplex.
Capabilities  allow us to laminate:

  • flat glass thickness of 4 mm to 19 mm (max width articles 950 mm);
  • colorless, frosted, tinted glass, tinted glass (lacobel, lacomat), mirrors;
  • tempered glass of straight  and deflected forms with the holes.

As decoration of glass in the technology company "Spark" offers:

  • decorative materials due to company’s catalog ;
  • full colored plotter photo printing on  batik.