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Продукция / Закаленное стекло

Tempered Glass


Company “Spark-Décor” offers also products from tempered glass. Tempered glass has a category of safety glass. This glass is considered thermally and mechanically stronger, external impact resistance to burden on the pane of tempered glass in four times higher than on rough glass. Due to this mechanical property tempered glass doesn’t crash by-blow; and thanks to advance thermal stability it can be used not only in interior but exterior also. Safety property of this glass includes in the next - if you crash the tempered glass you can hardly be injured as tempered glass breaks into small safety pieces without sharp edges.

Company’s facilities allows to temper transparent glass, frosted glass and body-tined glass that thickness is from 4 mm to 19 mm.  Beyond that tempered glass can be of different forms with the holes and cutoffs. To be noticed is that tempered glass cannot be processing after tempering procedure, because when violating permanent stress distribution the glass destroys. That’s why such mechanical manipulations as processing, drilling holes, milling cutoffs should be incurred before tempering glass.



We also can offer to our customers next services with tempered glass:
  • producing triplex with tempered glass
  • producing tempered glass with different decoration techniques:
- glass painting;
- photo printing;
- sandblast application;
- decoration with Bewley and fusing elements;

This gives wide possibility for implementation tempered glass both in the interior and exterior. Popular tempered glass products are:
  • shower unit;
  • all-glass rolling system;
  • indoor partitions;
  • glass door;
  • glass floors and ceilings, shelves;
  • fence balconies and stairs elements. 


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To be noticed is that tempered glass is widely used that is evidence of its functionality and quality. Not only Kharkov but other cities of Ukraine can order tempered glass at “Spark-Décor”.

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